]| NiyaYoru |[ (antares_neri) wrote,
]| NiyaYoru |[

original art : Shiro & Daisuke

Original Art

Medium: Photoshop CS2
Working Hours: 7 hours
Working Music: Vertical Horizon -- inside
Warning: could be interpreted as shounen ai =P

Isn't it white and fluffy? Isn't it adorably cute??? And Shiro looks so proud. =D
The hair gave me a headache. As did the cover and pillow. Originally there should be a pattern on it.
But alas, they're too adorable for their own good. *molests* Wonder what Dai is dreaming... Let them sleep, the catastrophes will come soon enough. >D
Morte: *cackles*
Niya: Shush!
 I love being an author.


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