]| NiyaYoru |[ (antares_neri) wrote,
]| NiyaYoru |[

original art : Morte & Shiro

Original Art

Medium: Photoshop CS2
Working Hours: about 10 hours
Working Music: Advent Children OST

Two weekends! This bloody (no pun intended) thing took me two weekends to finish. *sighs dramatically* The chain was the hardest part, or three parts for that matter. And don't get me started on the hands. I still wish to own the coat though. And a shirt with zipper-filled love.
I am awed by the easiness of drawing spikes. *is awed* See? I don't lie.
The pic is sponsored by two sheets of paper, by the way. Must learn to draw smaller. And that disgustingly happy but loved song "ice bullet" by the singing Cloud a.k.a. Sakupyon. Oooh yeah.
Ah, Morty. With your tooth paste ebul grin you stole my last nerve. *pats*
Shiro: But it was worth it. My hair never was this fluffy and ruffle-addicting!
Muse: Original Characters now for sale! Come with a shitload of misery and cool clothes! They whine and pester their beloved author with a devotion you never saw before! If you buy 18 you'll get 1 for free!


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