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original art : rain

Original Art

Medium: PITT artist pen S, ECCO pigment 0.1, COPIC pigment 0.05
Working Hours: 1 hour
Working Music: Oblivion Dust -- butterfly head

Can I make a statement? *blinks doefully* I don't like proportions. *shakes off doefulness* I. Hate. Proportions. Deeply. Like, oh so much.
On a more optimistic note: I love Corel Photo Paint. Like, sooo much! *insert really adorable chibi!Niya with her arms wide open*
Hmm... what to say, what to say about this pic. I wanted something calm, hence the really scant use of shadows. 
And it's Yue again! With an eye! *woots for self* Don't question me because of his weird iris. He's blind, remember? My way of showing lost eyesight.
I take a minute off this fine evening to express my undying love for my infamous pic!kink, namely bandages. 
- One minute later -
Is it just me or does he look slightly happy? Nah. Scratch that.
I really should name him scar!boy. *contemplates* Nah, Yue is shorter. I'm lazy.

I'm finished with my comment now. No, really. I don't kid. I'm a serious fellow. *hears the roaring laughter of her friends* People are so mean.
P.S. OD makes for the best BGM when drawing. Them and Beethoven.

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